Outside The Box Outdoors has long carried the full line of US Military Issue Spark-Lite firestarting kits.  We have them available in Olive Drab, Hunter's Orange, and also the newest addition of an all-brass striker with replaceable flints.  Please visit our eBay store for more details and ordering information!


     Outside The Box Outdoors and SurvivalistGear.com is proud to announce the launch of a brand new series of products to our store.  The "Utility Belt Survival Kit System" is a series of small, lightweight kits that all are carried on a 1 1/2" Web Belt that also has a hidden zippered compartment.   We have long carried this size platform for Fishing & Water Purification Kits....but now have expanded the product line to include all of the key component groups of Emergency Survival Gear.  Here are the kits included....

  • Fishing Kit (newly improved with over 70+ items)
  • Water Purification Kit
  • Medical/First Aid Kit
  • Fire Starting Kit
  • Tools & Cordage Kit
  • Signal / Light / Navigation Kit
  • Bait Kit (includes worms, bugs, lures, peanut butter & more..)
  • Dough Bait Kit (make your own garlic dough balls for bait....or use as a breading for cooking a fish)
  • Shelter Kit (In a larger pouch...not pictured)

     We are also proud to announce that this new kit has been featured in Ron Foster's new book series....which is available on Amazon.com right now!  Mr. Foster has published over 40+ books on Emergency Survival and we are thrilled to be involved in his newest book series!   Please make sure to check out his work via the link at the bottom of the page!  Keep checking the store often....this product is now live but we are only listing a few at a time as the first prototypes come 'off the assembly' line!  Thanks for looking!



NOW AVAILABLE IN THE STORE...  "Utility Belt Survival Kit System"